Saturday, September 22, 2012

BIG IN JAPAN by Jennifer Griffith

 Review by Heather Moore

At my hair appointment the other day, I was browsing through the free downloads on my Kindle app. I'd downloaded a sample chapter from BIG IN JAPAN. Since I was recently at a writers conference where I listened someone from the publisher speak (and was impressed), there were 2 things in favor of opening the book over all of the others (free sample, impressed with publisher).

So I started reading. Of course it cut off way too soon, and I did something I haven't done in awhile. I purchased the full book off of reading a sample. By the end of the day, I was half way through the story, caught up in the 300 pound main character, Buck, who joins his parents on a business trip to Japan.

Buck is the perfect awkward unsung hero, but his quirks are endearing, and his character very relatable.

Great humor throughout as well, some serious thought-provoking events, as well as a sweet romance. Really, everything rolled into one.

To download your free sample chapters, visit here.


Jennifer Griffith said...

Thanks so much for this review, Heather! I'm really glad the book was a fun time--and that you liked Buck as much as I did. Yay for unsung awkward heroes! (Love that description. Mind if I borrow it?)

Alissa Banks said...

Thanks for the review! I am always looking for more lds books to read!

Lance Tankman said...

I love the lds books that have been coming out lately. Thanks so much for all the posting!