Friday, October 28, 2011

The Wedding Letters by Jason F. Wright

The Wedding Letters

By Jason F. Wright

Shadow Mountain, 2011

Reviewed by Heather Moore

Author Jason F. Wright takes novel-writing to a new level. You may know him best for his poignant story, Christmas Jars, in which he started a movement of people collecting loose change during the year and anonymously donating their “Christmas Jar” collection on Christmas.

Or you might know Wright from the NY Times bestselling novel, The Wednesday Letters, in which he gave out his cell phone number so that readers could share their stories about the lost art letter writing.

But you’ll soon know Wright for his newest release, The Wedding Letters, a sequel that focuses on Noah, the son of Malcom and Rain (from The Wednesday Letters). The family has grown and gone in their own directions, but they come together when major events affect the future of the Inn. Noah brings his girlfriend, Rachel, to the Inn to meet his parents, and she is introduced to the Wedding Letter tradition. Leafing through the Wedding Letter album, she discovers advice that’s varied and sometimes unexpected from those who attended Malcom and Rain’s wedding many years before.

When Noah and Rachel announce their own engagement, The Wedding Letter tradition is started, to not only include wedding guests but anyone who knows Noah and Rachel. But when Rachel discovers a secret in her past the threatens to destroy her relationship with those she loves, a single letter has the power to reunite her with all that she holds dear, if only she can open her heart again.

This story reminded me of the boxes I have filled with letters and all kinds of cards gathering dust in my basement. Letters have a way of reminding us of the past and reconnecting us with what’s important. I have The Wedding Letters to thank for this much-needed reminder. The Wedding Letters is a heartfelt story, filled with classic Wright insights, and timely messages that define the truth of human nature and the healing power of love.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ribbon of Darkness by Julie Bellon

Ribbon of Darkness
by Julie Coulter Bellon

Reviewed by Heather Moore

LDS suspense writer, Julie Bellon, is at it again!

Ribbon of Darkness is a fast-paced multi-dimensional plot where Kennedy Campbell and Ethan Barak each have their own battles to fight. Ethan is determined to avenge his father's death, not matter the danger to himself or others. And Kennedy would do anything to escape her past, including living undercover and wearing a burka. When their paths cross, there is unmistakable chemistry, but Ethan doesn't know if he can open his heart, and Kennedy doesn't know if she can trust Ethan.

Through meeting Kennedy, Ethan decides that the goals he was once determined to achieve no longer seem as important. And Kennedy, used to hiding from her past, now finds that there's someone she doesn't want to hide from.

Ribbon of Darkness is charged with emotion, intense action, and classic "Julie Bellon" intrigue, and readers will enjoy becoming immersed in this international suspense.

You can purchase Ribbon of Darkness on Amazon.

Other suspense novels by Julie Bellon include: All's Fair and Dangerous Connections.

Also, for aspiring writers, Julie hosts "First Page Friday" each week on her blog LDS Writer Mom where a writer will get his/her first page professionally edited for free.