Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hanging by a Thread by Donald B. Anderson

Hanging by a Thread

By Donald B. Anderson

Reviewed by Heather Moore

Although this book is plainly a “first book”, I appreciated the passion of the subject matter which clearly comes through the weft and warp of the story.

Hanging by a Thread is a fast-paced action thriller set in modern-day Salt Lake City, Utah. Colton, a young employee at the Utah State Capitol building, inadvertently discovers a top secret document which outlines a major conspiracy that has been operating for more than ten years. The goal of this group: To take over and control the United States. Their name: The Thread.

Colton shows the strange document to his friend who works in security, and it doesn’t take long before they realize that the information is incredibly important—they just don’t know how important yet. As they join forces with a BYU professor and Colton’s uncle, light is shed on the cryptic information. Through a massive infiltration of media and communications systems, Colton and his group are falsely accused of being terrorists. They go on the run, literally for their lives.

The decisions that Colton makes will not only affect lives, but possibly determine whether or not the United States maintains the freedoms it was built upon.

What ensues is a high-action adventure with many twists and turns, brought to life by careful attention to detail of the inner workings of government agencies, the police force, and the massive coordination it takes to prevent catastrophes. The intriguing plot will keep you turning pages quickly and guessing until the last pages, with an ending that has a compelling impact.

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