Monday, June 14, 2010

Imprints by Rachel Ann Nunes

Review by Heather Moore

Autumn Rain is far from normal. She has a dangerous gift, at least one that can bring danger to her. Touching an object that is important to a missing, or even dead, person brings flashes of memories. But sometimes they are too disturbing for even Autumn to handle.

When a woman goes missing, her parents are desperate for help. Autumn gets caught up in the events, even when it means bringing danger to herself and those she loves. Although Autumn has the power to read imprints, she doesn't always rely on those who are the most honest.

Author Rachel Nunes paints an intriguing character in Imprints. A story that deviates from Nunes' usual array, I thoroughly enjoyed the characterization and ambiance of this novel. The plot is far from predictable and takes several surprising turns. Suspense, romance, and a touch of paranormal rolls into one enjoyable read.

Kudos to the publisher, Deseret Book/Shadow Mountain, for printing a paranormal story that it clean and uplifting.

Imprints is available HERE.