Saturday, January 30, 2010

Too Precious for Earth by Amy C. Maddocks

Too Precious for Earth
By Amy C. Maddocks

Review by Heather Moore

Amy Maddocks’ heart broke on the day that she held her infant son in her arms as he struggled with his final breaths. Her son, Connor, had been a miracle. Amy wasn’t supposed to be able to have any more children, but then she miraculously became pregnant. After all the precautions were taken and all the risks made, she and her husband eagerly prepared to welcome a new child into their home.

In Too Precious for Earth, Amy provides a rich and detailed telling of her journey into becoming a mother for the second time. Although an unexpected journey, she rearranges her life so that she can be healthy physically and financially provide for her son.

Just as Amy is finally allowing herself to believe that even the most impossible dreams can come true, she develops a serious pregnancy complication. Her son, Connor, is born twelve weeks premature. As Amy struggles with her own slow and painful recovery after a cesarean birth, little Connor begins to fail.

A beautiful but heartbreaking tale of a mother and family who overcome the depths of grief and despair and learn to embrace life again. Amy forges through her trials, learns the meaning of true friendship, embraces the miracles that she has been witness to, and triumphs as she uses the miracle of Connor to change and bless hundreds of lives.

Too Precious to Earth will take you on a raw and poignant spiritual journey you’ll never forget.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gravity vs. the Girl

Gravity vs. The Girl
by Riley Noehren

Review by Heather Moore

A few weeks ago, a friend recommended this book—a friend who I pretty much take her word for a book that she loves, I’ll love as well. I ordered it from Amazon, and finally had a chance to start reading it last night. I have no time to be reviewing books, but I really wanted to mention this one. Gravity vs. The Girl is an astonishing, thought-provoking novel. Funny, definitely quirky, but to fall-in-love with.

Who’s Haunting You?

From the cover: Samantha Green has just spent an entire year in her pajamas, and she is beginning to regret it. What's more, she is haunted by four ghosts that are former versions of herself. First up is the overachieving and materialistic attorney, who is furious with Samantha for throwing away the career she worked so hard to build. Second is the lackadaisical college student who is high on life but low on responsibility. Next is the melodramatic teenager, who is consumed with her social standing, teal eyeliner and teased bangs. Finally, there is the scrappy six-year old, whose only objective is to overcome gravity so that she can fly. Samantha's ghosts alternate between fighting with each other, rallying around Samantha's budding sanity and falling in love with a string of good-for-nothing drummers. Despite her reluctance to do so, Samantha must rely on these spirits from the past to repair the present and ensure her future.

Gravity vs. the Girl can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, etc. .