Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saving Madeline by Rachel Ann Nunes

By Rachel Ann Nunes
Shadow Mountain, 2009
Reviewed by Heather Moore

Caitlin McLoughlin is a talented public defender, assigned to cases where she finds herself defending the bad guy over and over. But in her position, she doesn’t mind when she loses a case—because that means the criminals go to prison where they belong.

But then a four year old is abducted from her home and when the police find the kidnapper, it’s the girl’s father, Parker Hathaway. When Caitlin is assigned as his public defender, she is eager to wrap up the case, until she discovers Parker’s motivations.

Saving Madeline has an intriguing plot that follows Caitlin McLoughlin through the twists and turns of the legal system, explaining why some criminals get let off and some don’t, and how the prosecutors and defenders are held to the specifics of procedure.

As Caitlin’s professional life collides with her private life, she uncovers those who are worth having in her life and those who aren’t. She also wrestles with giving love a second chance. She makes every effort to keep her personal feelings out of her current case with Parker, but it proves to be difficult as time is running out for both Parker, and his daughter, Madeline.

An enjoyable, unexpected journey of ethics and love with a dynamic plot that will keep you guessing! I consider Saving Madeline as one of my favorite Nunes book. Readers will be pleased with this new novel and Nunes' fresh endeavor.

Rachel Ann Nunes is the bestselling author of many books. Visit her website here.

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Diony said...

I loved this book of Rachel's. It was different from what she usually writes. Highly recommend it.