Sunday, August 23, 2009

Methods of Madness by Stephanie Black

Methods of Madness
by Stephanie Black
Covenant Communications, Aug 2009

Reviewed by Heather Moore

2008 Whitney Award winning author, Stephanie Black, is back with another fantastic mystery. This suspense novel is not what you'd expect. There's not one, but two murders to solve, and a strange disappearance that continues to haunt Emily Ramsey.

Even years later, after the death of her sister and the disappearance of her fiance on the same night, she still struggles to overcome her fealings of guilt. What if she hadn't held the bridal shower at her future in-laws? Then her sister wouldn't have been outside tying balloons to the mailbox where she was fatally hit by a car. Or what if she'd leant her more reliable car to her fiance, and his car didn't break down at the shopping center, only to never be seen again?

But a second chance has presented itself in the form of Zach Sullivan. The relationship grows slowly between Zach and Emily, but it is as real as anything she's known for a long time. yet, it seems that almost as soon as they announce their wedding plans, things go awry. Threatening letters are sent to Emily and she can only assume they are from Monica, Zach's former girlfriend, who is suddenly interested in Zach again.

Just like Black's previous novel, Fool Me Twice, it took me until nearly the end to discover "who-dunnit". The story was tightly-plotted and the characters intriguing. I congratulate the author for another job well done.

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