Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Holy Bible and Mormonism

Review by Heather Moore

In his introduction Christopher Mills clearly states that he is not an official representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his work is for the express purpose of explaining to members and non-members how to “understand Latter-day Saint beliefs . . . from a Biblical standpoint.”

What follows is a selection of topics that often come under criticism from those outside of the LDS faith. Most members of the LDS Church know the answers because they have learned them throughout Primary, Sunday School and Gospel Doctrine classes. But I found that putting them into a single volume and walking through the relevant scriptures in the Biblical text brought the message and the explanation of the doctrines to a very manageable level.

Topics such as why the LDS people believe that faith and works are inseparable, and why we are baptized by immersion are clearly outlined. The chapters are compelling and not to be read in one sitting. The chapter on the LDS beliefs about eternal marriage was especially interesting, since I’ve found myself in similar conversations with non-member friends.

The chapters on the Priesthood and the Prophets and Apostles are fervent reminders of the importance of the restoration of the Church in the latter days.

Overall, the tone of the book is diplomatic and matter-of-fact. The author is careful to share both sides of the argument, then explain how LDS doctrine, does indeed, fit into the scriptural text found within the Bible. An interesting compilation and a helpful reference for any student of the gospel.
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