Friday, August 28, 2009

Farworld: Land Keep by J. Scott Savage

Farworld: Land Keep
By J. Scott Savage
Release Date: October 2009 (Shadow Mountain)

—Reviewed by Heather Moore

Category: YA Fantasy

“Water. Land. Air. Fire. Together, the balance of Farworld they keep.” Kyja and Marcus are on a quest to outdo the Dark Circle by convincing the four elementals of Farworld to work together. In the first book of the Farworld series, Water Keep, Marcus and Kyja were able to get the water elementals to cooperate, but now they have to travel to find the land elementals. Problem is, no one can tell them precisely where they are since they’ve been missing for thousands of years.

In this second installment, Land Keep, the captivating adventure continues. Marcus—a boy with magical powers, and Kyja—a girl who wants magic more than anything. The two soon find out that they each have to trade what’s most dear to them in order to survive.

Since Marcus’s birth, sacrifices have been made in his behalf that he is only now beginning to realize. But the longer he stays on Farworld, the faster his health declines. In a race against time, the characters must outsmart the Keepers and determine who is really on their side.

The plot is far from simple, but the complexity is rich and satisfying as questions proposed in Water Keep are answered in Land Keep. A clear picture of this new world emerges as the characters discover that things are not necessarily as they seem. Land Keep is highly visual, fast-paced, with multi-layered intrigue. But most importantly, the characters breathe life into the pages, pulling us into a magical realm. One that is truly powerful.

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T said...

I'm so excited - I enjoyed the first installment and have so many unanswered questions still :)

Heather B. Moore said...

The thing I liked best about this (besides all the stuff I said in my review), is that for a sequel, it carries its own weight. So many sequels out there are more of the same as the first books. Land Keep is its own book with a lot of surprises.