Friday, July 31, 2009

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This was an absolutely fascinating book. It was terrifying but intriguing all at the same time. I couldn't put it down. The worst part about it was the sequel doesn't come out until September 1, 2009 (I originally read this about 6 months ago).

This book is advertised for young adults and I would recommend they be mature young adults. There is violence and death along with the goodness that is shown.

If this were a movie I would have to rate it PG-13.


ElanaJ said...

I absolutely LOVE this book, but you're right, it's a mature theme for a mature audience. But still. Outstanding.

T said...

I BEYOND loved this book - I read it right after it was released last October because I'm SUCH a fan of the author! (her Gregor the Overlander books are excellent, and for younger readers!)

The premise is shocking, but the end result of her writing is fantastic - my 14 year old has read and loved it but I haven't put it in the 12 year old's "to be read" pile yet (and probably won't for a little while yet)

SO excited for the sequel!

jojoba said...

Excellent book, but definitelly not for the young ones.

Heather B. Moore said...

Agreed. The premise is quite morbid. Once you get used to that, it's a fascinating story. I'd definitely say 14+

Solveig Quass said...

Dark, painful, disturbing--bad, sick and wrong. My children were reading this book so I finished it but I am sorry I did. True it's hard to put down but it's haunting in a very upsetting way. My kids will not finish the book. The visuals are revolting--a living boy so mauled that they can't tell where his mouth used to be, a child with a knife trying to cut the lips off another, children being brutally murdered by each other and the disgusting elite orchestrating all this, reveling in it like a reality show gone insane--does this sound fun to any one?
Only one of the characters--Peeta seems to have retained his humanity throughout. Everyone else simply excepts that they must kill each other. The message is hurtful, like Lord of the Flies, it says people will do just about anything given the right circumstances. --Solveig Quass

Zivy said...

The premise sounds morbid. I loved the book. But this book is the ultimate good vs. evil. The point is that the evil, "desensitized" elite that orchestrate it are executing this post-apocalyptic reality show to exert their power over the other districts. I'd like to believe that I would act honorably if I were to survive something this catastrophic, but when it comes down to it, survival instincts kick in and sometimes its live or be eaten. The districts either agree to it, or they get obliterated, (hence the shadow of District 13) so its really setting the stage of a rebellion against evil.

Honestly, if my kiddos wish to read it, I'll let them. They know the difference between literary and reality. And as morbid as it may be to read a book about fighting to the death, there's is a bit they can learn about being brave and courageous in the face of such blatant evil.