Monday, December 15, 2008

Fool me Twice by Stephanie Black

Disclaimer: I just noticed after posting this that Fool Me Twice has already been reviewed on this site two times. Oh well. Here's MY review. The reminder will be worth it, especially if you haven't picked up this book already!

Fool Me Twice

By Stephanie Black
Covenant Communications, March 2008

Review by Heather Moore

Just as the title Fool Me Twice alludes, readers can expect twists and turns in the suspense novel that will keep them guessing. Identical twins, Kristen and Megan, haven’t been close for years. Now in their twenties, they hardly ever speak to each other. But Megan wishes it were otherwise.

When Kristen suddenly comes back into Megan’s life with a daring plan of how they can both get rich—legitimately—Megan eagerly agrees. She’ll do practically anything to be in her twin sister’s good graces again. Plus it will be her ticket out of a stagnant town and get her away from her ex-boyfriend. The only thing Megan has to do is spend a couple of months taking care of an elderly aunt who is terminally ill. To pull it off, Megan and Kristen switch places, and Megan assumes her twin’s identity. Simple, right?

But soon the guilt and confusion set in. Things are not as Kristen described them, and Megan discovers she really likes her new “friends.” Megan also realizes the last thing she wants to do it hurt the people who she's grown close to, let alone deceive her own aunt.

When Megan’s friend is violently kidnapped, Megan learns that beneath the carefully laid-out plan to gain a fortune, there is a web of deceit and lies. Much more than she ever bargained for.

I’ve read a lot of suspense, and most of the time I have the ending figured out at least half-way through. But Stephanie Black kept me guessing until nearly the end. There were several parts that were down right creepy, and I don’t think I’ll ever think of the name “Evelyn” the same again.

I enjoyed the way the author created the characters and effortless way she wove the tale of suspense, keeping me interested on every page. The writing was wonderful and the story tight and well-plotted. I look forward to reading what this author produces next.