Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brittany's Books

By Brittany Mangus

Lately I have been channeling my inner Edward. And I can now tell, from reading your minds that all of you have always wanted to know which books I love to read! This is a short list of my favorite church-related books (other than the scriptures) (and my book) (ha ha).

Mantle: A Windy Day in August, at Nauvoo by Robert G. Mouritsen. This is a relatively short book about the day that some say Brigham Young received the countenance (and some said even the voice) of Joseph Smith, proving to them that Brigham was his intended successor. It has a lot of excerpts from pioneer-era journals. It's very interesting to read, especially if you're about to travel to Nauvoo.
Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, by Richard L. Bushman. There have been a lot of biographies written about Joseph, but I really enjoyed this one (some of it I took with a grain of salt). It really attempts to paint a "cultural biography" of the prophet. After reading it, I now see Joseph as he was: a real person with an extraordinary and exemplary calling as the prophet who ushered in the restoration.
Symbols in Stone: Symbolism on the Early Temples of the Restoration by Matthew B. Brown and Paul Thomas Smith. I love anything by Matthew B. Brown, but this book has a special place in my heart. This was one of the first books I read about the temple when I was preparing to go. It gives a wonderful perspective on temple symbolism and explains the symbols on the outside of the Salt Lake Temple.
The Savior and the Serpent by Alonzo Gaskill. Also a great temple-related book. (It talks a lot about the Garden of Eden and eternal progression.)
Brigham Young, American Moses by Leonard Arrington. I love Brigham Young. To me, he was tough as nails (and of course, the "Lion of the Lord" nickname fits him). I love that he was one of the only people who never betrayed Joseph Smith. I love that he had both a testimony of Joseph Smith and a testimony of Jesus Christ and the restored gospel. This book gave a great background on him. I recommend it.
Leaves from my Journal, Wilford Woodruff. This is a collection of excerpts from Wilford Woodruff's amazing journals. He of course is the source of many facts concerning the early history of the church.
Gospel Symbolism by Joseph Fielding McConkie. Another book I read while preparing for the temple. Read it even if you've already been to the temple. It really helps to open up another level of understanding concerning gospel principles and the Savior's atonement.
The Lost Language of Symbolism by Alonzo Gaskill. I use this more of a reference guide, it's like an encyclopedia.
Endowed from on High by John D. Charles. Another book I read when I was preparing for the temple. I read it again right after I received my own endowment. This book is one of the reasons why my first temple experience was so wonderful.
Brigham Young: Images of a Mormon Prophet, by Richard Holtzapfel and R.Q. Shupe. This is a coffee table book. (Err... hot chocolate table book?) It has lots of great photos of Brother Brigham and gives you another perspective on his life.
Joseph Smith: The Man The Mission The Message by Matthew B. Brown. Another... hot chocolate table book. Lots of great photographs of personal articles owned and worn by the Prophet and Emma.
Mafia to Mormon: My Conversion Story by Mario Facione. No, this doesn't have anything to do with that movie Mobsters and Mormons. This is an autobiographical account of Mario's life both before and after he left the Mob and joined the church. It's a quick read (105 pages) and I guarantee you'll read it again.

There are more of course, (like The Holy Temple by Boyd K. Packer, and Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage, etc.) but I know most of you have read those. I wanted to talk about books that maybe you haven't read before. Or maybe you have read some of the books I've mentioned? What are your thoughts? Were you upset because you thought I was going to talk about the Twilight series and I didn't? Talk to me.

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