Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Specials by Scott Westerfield

Specials by Scott Westerfield is the final book in the Uglies trilogy. I loved Uglies, liked Pretties, and had high hopes for Specials. It did not disappoint.

Tally thought they were a rumor, but now she's one of them. A Special. A super-amped fighting machine, engineered to keep the uglies down and the pretties stupid.

But maybe being perfectly programmed with strength and focus isn't better than anything she's ever known. Tally still has memories of something else.

But it's easy for her to tune that out—until she's offered a chance to stamp out the revels of the New Smoke permanently. It all comes down to one last choice: listen to that tiny, faint heartbeat, or carryout the mission she's programmed to complete. Either way, Tally's world will never be the same.

Specials are scary beautiful, very strong with reflexes so fast they're almost unbeatable. Tally and co. are sent to bring down the New Smoke and almost start a world war in the process. But as they hunt down the location of the New Smoke, the wild works its magic on Tally again. It changed her once; it's changing her again.

We revisit the cycle of friendship and betrayal between Shay and Tally, explore the relationship between Tally and Zane, catch up with David, and visit another city that is very different from Tally's.

I love this trilogy. For a more in-depth review, visit my blog.

Oh wait. Did I say trilogy? There's a fourth book out now. Look for my review coming soon.

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Heather B. Moore said...

I need to get back to this series. I really enjoyed the first one!