Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Please, no zits! by Anne Bradshaw

Recently I read Anne Bradshaw's latest release: Please, no zits! a collection of short stories. The stories are about LDS youth and the many challenges they face. I enjoyed each story, from fifteen-year-old Gabe participating in a Primary Nativity much to his chagrin, to Cody who faces the consequences of cheating, to Kimberly who finds a useful way to spend her time while “waiting” for a missionary.

Unique to these stories is the setting. They take place all over the world: Scotland, England, Utah, Connecticut, Ireland, etc. The author has a great writing style (being from England herself) and has a talent for developing characters that draw you in immediately.

Without being preachy or hitting you over the head with moral advice, Please, no zits! is a great read for teens and adults alike. The stories are inspiring and true to life. I love the frank way that the author approaches difficult topics like a non-member boyfriend, a non-supportive father, and coming back from drug-addition. You’ll find lots of humor, some sadness, and plenty of inspiration.

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