Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Light In The Wilderness by H.B. Moore

I really enjoyed this second volume of the Out of Jerusalem Series. While it is historical fiction it did give some insights into what could of been happening with Lehi's family while they journeyed in the wilderness for eight years. It also helped me to realize that eight years is a long time and we really don't know much about what happened to the family in that time.
The exhilarating tale of Lehi and his family continues in A Light in the Wilderness, the second volume of the acclaimed Out of Jerusalem series. As they travel toward the promised land, dangers and tempests beset Lehi’s and Ishmael’s families, until the unthinkable happens: a marauding tribe abducts Lehi’s daughter, Elisheba. Nephi and his brothers vow to bring their beloved sister back safely. But as months stretch into years, can they?

Fast-paced and carefully researched, best-selling author H. B. Moore delivers a heartpounding and thought-provoking novel that is sure to delight fiction and history lovers alike.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

I enjoyed this book a lot too. Thanks for the review!