Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Light In The Wilderness by H.B. Moore

I really enjoyed this second volume of the Out of Jerusalem Series. While it is historical fiction it did give some insights into what could of been happening with Lehi's family while they journeyed in the wilderness for eight years. It also helped me to realize that eight years is a long time and we really don't know much about what happened to the family in that time.
The exhilarating tale of Lehi and his family continues in A Light in the Wilderness, the second volume of the acclaimed Out of Jerusalem series. As they travel toward the promised land, dangers and tempests beset Lehi’s and Ishmael’s families, until the unthinkable happens: a marauding tribe abducts Lehi’s daughter, Elisheba. Nephi and his brothers vow to bring their beloved sister back safely. But as months stretch into years, can they?

Fast-paced and carefully researched, best-selling author H. B. Moore delivers a heartpounding and thought-provoking novel that is sure to delight fiction and history lovers alike.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Please, no zits! by Anne Bradshaw

Recently I read Anne Bradshaw's latest release: Please, no zits! a collection of short stories. The stories are about LDS youth and the many challenges they face. I enjoyed each story, from fifteen-year-old Gabe participating in a Primary Nativity much to his chagrin, to Cody who faces the consequences of cheating, to Kimberly who finds a useful way to spend her time while “waiting” for a missionary.

Unique to these stories is the setting. They take place all over the world: Scotland, England, Utah, Connecticut, Ireland, etc. The author has a great writing style (being from England herself) and has a talent for developing characters that draw you in immediately.

Without being preachy or hitting you over the head with moral advice, Please, no zits! is a great read for teens and adults alike. The stories are inspiring and true to life. I love the frank way that the author approaches difficult topics like a non-member boyfriend, a non-supportive father, and coming back from drug-addition. You’ll find lots of humor, some sadness, and plenty of inspiration.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Macady by Jennie Hansen

This is the first book of Jennie Hansen's that I have read and I very much enjoyed it. I am looking forward to reading more of her books.

Macady Jackson has never been in so much danger. When she saddled up her horse, she never could have imagined that her pleasant ride would end up with someone shooting at her. But unknown to Macady, she had wandered into a forbidden zone -- a drug runner's airstrip.

When deputy Aaron Westerman hears the gunfire, he knows the risk involved in the investigation of the remote area has suddenly spread beyond just him. Scanning the valley, he sees someone clothed much like himself. He was supposed to be the target! Now it's up to Aaron to keep the innocent stranger alive. But he soon finds out that the "stranger" is someone he hasn't seen in years --and their accidental meeting has resurrected feelings he had thought were long dead. Can two people who have both been deeply hurt by love learn to trust again? A romantic mystery where the heroes aren't all good and the villains aren't completely evil, Macady has enough twists and turns to grip you from beginning to end.

Monday, September 3, 2007

House on the Hill by Annette Lyon

Annette Lyon is one of my favorite LDS authors, so of course I've read all of her books. She has written a historical temple series of a sort (although you can read each book seperately). Her first temple book is House on the Hill. The story takes place in the 1870's, Logan, Utah. Part of the story centers on the building of the Logan temple, so the reader learns all kinds of interesting facts.

The main character is Lizzy Sullivan. As the story opens, Lizzy is doused in the refiner's fire, literally. Her house burns down, and it seems no matter how much faith she tries to muster, her little brother keeps getting sicker and sicker. Her family has to move in with another family until they can get back on their feet. During this time, Lizzy meets a young man--not of her faith. But, her best friend from her childhood tries to court her, and suddenly Lizzy is confronted with the most difficult choice of her life--choosing between the two men she loves.

I love historical fiction, but even more, I love it when I'm so pulled into the story that I don't realize I'm reading "historical" fiction. This book has some romance, some history, but most of all, solid characters that draw us back into a time where we might think life was more simple.