Saturday, August 4, 2007

Trouble in Palmyra by Rob Ficiur

This is a children's novel but I really enjoyed reading it. Traveling back in time and experiencing the First Vision from the perspective of a teen from the 21st century was very enlightening. I look forward to getting my kids to read this book.
When teenagers Tom and Becky Long learn they must spend a few days with their brilliant but eccentric Uncle Daniel, they are less than pleased. They wonder how they will ever survive his long, boring tales and stale facts about Church history and early pioneers. Little do they know that Uncle Daniel has recently perfected a machine capable of transporting people into the past. Now Tom and Becky are off for the adventure of a lifetime as they accompany their uncle back through time—and come face-to-face with young Joseph Smith, Jr., and his family. Trouble in Palmyra is the first volume in the exciting Time Travelers in Church History series that takes young readers on a rollicking ride through some of the most fascinating events of the last two hundred years.


Anonymous said...

I also just finished reading Trouble in Palmyra, by Rob Ficiur.

My wife, Stephanie Humphreys (, and I have been interested in finding local writers. On Friday this week, I went to the LDS bookstore in Lethbridge, AB, and asked for books from local authors. I was handed Trouble in Palmyra.

When I looked at the author's name, I was surprised to see that it was Rob, as I know him from my earlier years in Lethbridge.

I bought the book and finished it today. I really enjoyed it and found it to be well written and had a great story line.

I am now passing the book on to Stephanie and my two teenage kids to read.

I see that the book is part of a series called "Time Travelers in Church History", though I don't know what other titles are in this series at this point.

I look forward to purchasing more of his work.

Rick Humphreys

Jennifer Leffler said...

The 2nd book in the series is "Rescue the Prophet. and currently available. I am looking forward to getting it also.