Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What the Doctor Ordered by Sierra St. James

This was an enjoyable read. It is fun to see how Aunt Bertie manipulates things to get John and Ellie together.

Deseret book description:
They've never been out on a date. They can barely speak a civil word to each other when they find themselves in the same room. But Aunt Bertie, who is not crazy, just — eccentric — knows that John and Ellie belong together, and she's doing all she can to further their cause. When Ellie comes to Colton Idaho, to spend the summer with Aunt Bertie and prove to her parents that her aunt doesn't belong in an assisted-care facility, the confusion begins. Bertie's determination to marry Ellie off to Dr. John Flynn leads to a hilarious string of miscommunications in this delightful romantic comedy.


Heather B. Moore said...

I read this book about 18 months ago. I really like this author's work. She also publishes YA under Janette Rallison for the national market (her real name). "What the Doctor Ordered" is a fun, light-hearted romance. Maybe a tad predictable (like all romances are), but the best part about it is the humor. Janette is one funny lady.

Annette Lyon said...

Easily one of my favorite LDS romance authors--laugh out loud funny, quirky characters, terrific chemistry, and a plain old fun plot. This one would be a great summer read.