Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Above Suspicion by Betsy Brannon Green

I believe this is book three in Betsy Brannon Green's Haggerty series and it was great. The little old ladies from Haggerty, Georgia are back and Miss Eugenia is suspicious of anything out of the ordinary.

Deseret Book description:

It's been five years since Mary Grace O'Malley has seen John Wright. And right at this moment, Mary Grace wishes she wasn't seeing him standing in the dining room of her Bed and Breakfast Inn. Now the rising star reporter has returned to the small Florida town of Bethany Beach to investigate an unsolved murder--and to see Mary Grace.

As John persuades Mary Grace to help him explore the tragic secrets of twenty-five years ago, Miss Eugenia Atkins and her friends arrive at the Arms for a pleasant vacation. But when a guest ends up dead, they all become embroiled in investigating this new mysterious crime.

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