Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Heart Only Knows by Kerry Blair

This is the last of Kerry Blair's "Heart" series. This book added intrigue to the romance of tghe previous two. I really enjoyed this book and stayed up way to late reading on several occasions.

When your fiancé is an incredibly handsome, professional baseball player, it's hard to find time to be alone. Not that Andi Reynolds is complaining. It's just that everyone wants a piece of superstar Greg Howland--from the news-hungry media, to his adoring fans. The only thing that keeps Andi sane is the knowledge that in a few short months, Greg will be taking her to the temple, and then he'll be all hers . . . Until next season, of course.

But when someone begins stalking and threatening Greg, he fears that Andi will get hurt--if not killed. In an attempt to protect her, Greg distances himself from Andi. But in the process, she starts to feel alienated, and wonders if it's even worth it. When the stalker kidnaps Andi and her younger brother, Greg must make one of the most important decisions of his life--who will live, and who will die.

With insight and emotion, Kerry Blair brings to life a tale of an uncommon love between two people, and the dangerous deception that threatens to tear them apart. Between the breathtaking adventure and gentle romance, one thing is certain--The Heart Only Knows will be one of your favorite books of the year.

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