Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Heart Has Its Reasons by Kerry Blair

Loved this book!! Wonderful LDS romance. I read it in two days and am looking forward to getting the sequel.

The Heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of.

Andi Reynolds has a plan for everything in her life, and Sterling Channing fits it perfectly. Then Andi meets Greg Howland four days before Sterling returns from his mission and finds that her “checklist for eternal happiness” is suddenly more of a puzzle than an iron-clad plan.

Greg has found success that he never imagined possible, but what started as a dream has fast become a nightmare. Still mourning the death of his brother, Greg is also paying a painful price for his brother’s mistakes. When he meets Andi he feels a whisper of hope for a better life—but is there room in her life for someone like him?

“A romance that any girl would love to curl up with. This is definitely one book I would like to see a sequel to.” The Daily Herald—from a professional review

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