Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vanished: A Maggie McKenzie Mystery by Lynn Gardner

I have been a fan of Lynn Gardner's since her Jewel series. This new series is also going to be a favorite. Very enjoyable mystery with some interesting turns.


There is a saying that everyone has a double. In Maggie McKenzie’s case, the saying is not only true, but the starting point for a troubling—and deadly—mystery.

Maggie has just begun her first job as a full-fledged newspaper reporter. It’s a dream come true. But soon the young journalist finds she is captivated by what should be old news—a girl who vanished years ago. Intrigued by what she has heard about the missing girl, Maggie takes advantage of her travels for another assignment to try to solve the mystery of Laurel Lawson’s disappearance. While on her cross-country quest, Maggie meets psychologist Dr. Flynn Ford, who is interested in helping her solve the puzzle—and in getting to know Maggie better. But as the pair inches closer to the truth, witnesses begin turning up dead. And it appears Maggie and Flynn could be next. Could the woman Maggie thinks might be her sister be trying to kill her?

Join an extremely likeable heroine is a fast-paced tale of suspense and romance. Vanished will leave you searching for the next Maggie McKenzie mystery.


Anonymous said...

when is your next booking to come out. i can't wait to see what happens with maggie and flynn. i can't to see what kind of thing see gets herself and her sister into next. write it soon please.

Anonymous said...

i REALLY want to know the rest!! im so excited for the next book and i dont want to wait much longer please!!!! i really really want to know if they ever find thier sister and if she and Flynn work out!!!