Monday, April 2, 2007

The Lodger by Liz Adair

This was a very enjoyable book. It is LDS fiction and a mystery. I would highly recommend it.

Deseret book description:
Times have been hard in Lincoln County, Nevada, since the mines closed, so Spider Latham feels lucky to land a steady job as deputy sheriff. Little does he know what challenges lie in store!

In The Lodger, Spider's first week on the job finds him unearthing a body from a ravine and storing it as an unwelcome guest in the rafters of his barn. Foul play is evident, but who is the mystery victim? And what brought her to Spider's stretch of territory?

A property dispute between two brothers takes a deadly turn in After Goliath. Money and fame may have bought prestige for country music star Rocky Ridge when he moves his family back to Panaca from Las Vegas, but they can't keep him from being murdered. Can Spider find the killer before he becomes a victim himself?

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