Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Into The Fire by Jeffrey S. Savage

This was a hard book to read as the subject was a modern day story of Job. Nothing good ever happens to the leading character but he does learn some important truths. This is a good book for reflecting and realizing what is truly important.

Book Jacket:

Joe Stewart is a success by nearly every definition of the word. Everyone agrees that Joe Stewart is a pillar of the community. But the pillar is about to crumble.

In a dramatic series of events, Joe loses virtually everything: his job, his wealth, his home, his reputation, and his health. Even his family teeters on the brink of falling apart.

Joe finds himself miles from civilization, his health deteriorating rapidly, and his family menaced by the dark entity that haunts his dreams. Joe must somehow find a way to unite his family and use their strength to save them all before it is too late.

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