Monday, April 30, 2007

The Believer by Stephanie Black

Great book!!! Have you ever thought what it would be like to live in a "New America" where religion was frowned upon and where you could be arrested or even excuted for having a copy of the Book of Mormon. "The Believer" takes you into that world and keeps you captivated until the last page.

There is a place where the threat of foreign terrorism is nonexistent, where there are no arguments about religion, and no battles over politics. Welcome to New America—a place where reading the wrong book can cost you your life!

Ian Roshek finally believes in something. The young history professor has studied a contraband copy of the Book of Mormon—and he knows what it says is true. But now his newfound convictions will be put to the test as he struggles to listen to the still, small voice, while society screams in his ear.

A taut, must-read thriller, The Believer will cast a lingering shadow and leave you asking what you would give up in order to feel “safe.”

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Into The Fire by Jeffrey S. Savage

This was a hard book to read as the subject was a modern day story of Job. Nothing good ever happens to the leading character but he does learn some important truths. This is a good book for reflecting and realizing what is truly important.

Book Jacket:

Joe Stewart is a success by nearly every definition of the word. Everyone agrees that Joe Stewart is a pillar of the community. But the pillar is about to crumble.

In a dramatic series of events, Joe loses virtually everything: his job, his wealth, his home, his reputation, and his health. Even his family teeters on the brink of falling apart.

Joe finds himself miles from civilization, his health deteriorating rapidly, and his family menaced by the dark entity that haunts his dreams. Joe must somehow find a way to unite his family and use their strength to save them all before it is too late.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Marjorie Morningstar

Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk was published in 1955. It is the coming of age tale of a young Jewish girl named Marjorie Morgernstern that dreams of becoming an actress. For me, the book started out slowly and it took me a while to become involved in the characters. But, once I hit the midway point there was no stopping me and I couldn't put it down until I found out what happens to this girl.

Marjorie falls in love with Noel Airman, an older man that has been hardened by the world. She is very naive about how even her close friends view relationships and sex (I rate this book PG-very tame). Remember, this is the 1930's. She grew up with very traditional values and it interesting to see how she responds to her new environments (college, Broadway, etc...). This makes for excellent book group discussion.

You're left guessing all through the book if she'll end up with Noel. Noel is the bad guy, the cad. Wally is the nice guy with a puppy love crush. George was the first love. Sandy is the parents' dream. There are actors, doctors, lawyers, and others. The ultimate question is if she will live out her girlhood dreams as an actress or succumb to the "inevitable" wife in the suburbs. The author leaves you guessing until the very end of the 500+ page book and then it leaves you guessing as to what might have been if she had chosen a different path.

Vanished: A Maggie McKenzie Mystery by Lynn Gardner

I have been a fan of Lynn Gardner's since her Jewel series. This new series is also going to be a favorite. Very enjoyable mystery with some interesting turns.


There is a saying that everyone has a double. In Maggie McKenzie’s case, the saying is not only true, but the starting point for a troubling—and deadly—mystery.

Maggie has just begun her first job as a full-fledged newspaper reporter. It’s a dream come true. But soon the young journalist finds she is captivated by what should be old news—a girl who vanished years ago. Intrigued by what she has heard about the missing girl, Maggie takes advantage of her travels for another assignment to try to solve the mystery of Laurel Lawson’s disappearance. While on her cross-country quest, Maggie meets psychologist Dr. Flynn Ford, who is interested in helping her solve the puzzle—and in getting to know Maggie better. But as the pair inches closer to the truth, witnesses begin turning up dead. And it appears Maggie and Flynn could be next. Could the woman Maggie thinks might be her sister be trying to kill her?

Join an extremely likeable heroine is a fast-paced tale of suspense and romance. Vanished will leave you searching for the next Maggie McKenzie mystery.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hearts in Hiding by Betsy Brannon Green

Great book. Kept me intrigued from the beginning. This is book one in the "Haggerty" series. It was fun to learn about southern hospitality along with the romance and intrigue.

Description: Devastation, betrayal, self-pity, anger- none of these words do any justice to the tangle of emotions Kate Singleton is experiencing. Married just over a year, with a baby on the way, Kate learns that her husband, and FBI agent, is dead. To top it off, the same people who murdered her husband have a contract on her head.

With the help of the FBI, Kate flees with little more that the clothes on her back. And in no time at all, they provide her with new clothes, a new home, a new name, and. . . a new husband.

But this is only the beginning of Kate's adventure. Before it's through, there will be a kidnapping, true love, and enough suspense to keep any reader turning pages long after bedtime. Hearts in Hiding is an action-packed, romantic first novel by gifted author Betsy Brannon Green.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cutting Edge by Jeffrey S. Savage

Great book, fun to read and kept me up seeing what would happen next. I am looking forward to reading more of Jeffrey Savage's books.

Book jacket:

It Seemed Like the Perfect Move to Make. Perhaps too Perfect.

Cutting Edge follows Travis Edwards, a bright, young LDS programmer, and his wife, Lisa, as they move to Silicon Valley--an area where brainpower and computer power combine in fierce competition.

It's the perfect job. A hot new company is in desperate need of his expertise--and they're willing to make it worth his while. But everything changes when Travis discovers that someone has been stealing sensitive files off of his computer, and the person he confides in mysteriously disappears. Before long, Travis realizes that he can't trust anyone; not his coworkers, his boss, not even members of his ward.

Travis must use all of the means at his disposal to prove his innocence and keep his family alive. Because in Silicon Valley, while some ideas are worth billions, other ideas can get you killed.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Lodger by Liz Adair

This was a very enjoyable book. It is LDS fiction and a mystery. I would highly recommend it.

Deseret book description:
Times have been hard in Lincoln County, Nevada, since the mines closed, so Spider Latham feels lucky to land a steady job as deputy sheriff. Little does he know what challenges lie in store!

In The Lodger, Spider's first week on the job finds him unearthing a body from a ravine and storing it as an unwelcome guest in the rafters of his barn. Foul play is evident, but who is the mystery victim? And what brought her to Spider's stretch of territory?

A property dispute between two brothers takes a deadly turn in After Goliath. Money and fame may have bought prestige for country music star Rocky Ridge when he moves his family back to Panaca from Las Vegas, but they can't keep him from being murdered. Can Spider find the killer before he becomes a victim himself?