Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Quilter's Apprentice

This is the first in a series of novels built around quilting by Jennifer Chiaverini. You can browse through descriptions and even see pictures of the quilts described in the books at this website.

Sarah, a woman with a good career, is married to Matt. He moves her to a small town where she is unable to find a job. He is a landscape architect assigned to Elm Creek Manor and the reclusive owner, Sylvia Compson, hires Sarah to prepare her family estate for sale. Sylvia is also a master quilter and as part of Sarah's wages, she gives her lessons.

During the work the women do together, stories from Sylvia's past emerge. Sarah help Sylvia make amends with the house and also with her life.

Personally, I found the book to be extremely predictable and while I'm usually a fan of books that are part of a series--I don't care enough about these characters to seek out the next books to read.

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