Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Historian by Elizabeth Kolostova

The Historian is yet another tome dedicated to the subject of the infamous Transylvanian count Vlad Tepes that becomes a vampire known as Dracula. This book takes an interesting approach by focusing on one historian's quest to find Dracula to save the life of another historian. They find that Dracula is alive and well (not a spoiler---you find this out in the first couple of pages) and then you go on a fantastic journey throughout Europe to find him.

This book kept me captivated from the very beginning and even after I was done reading. It's a long book but it doesn't waste any of its type. Every description, action, and piece of information is an asset to the flow of the story.

This book is rated PG for a lot of death and vampire attacks (although they are not described in gruesome detail). There is very little cussing (if any) and sex (come to think of it...I don't think there is any).

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Jennifer said...

Awesome, I will have to find this book. It sounds very interesting.